Face Mask Holder Beaded Women’s Lanyard, Made in USA, Decorative Fashion Necklace, Holds Your Mask Around Your Neck 25…

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Keeps your face mask handy around your neck so you’ll be able to quickly pull it on when you wish to have it. No more stuffing it in your pocket or in your purse. No wish to slide it down on your chin when you do not want it, this just stretches out your elastics and is super uncomfortable. Just let is rest around your neck with the fashionable mask holder with the double ended bulldog clips. The clothing friendly bulldog clips will hold your mask firmly with out making holes. This will you should definitely have your mask handy when you wish to have it with a large number of unnecessary handling and touching. Fashion and safety all in one.

Perfect Face Mask Accessory. Beaded on 19 strand wire, Very Strong, Light weight, Keep your face mask with in reach all the time.
Fashionable mask holder with clothing friendly bulldog clips helps you keep protected and look great at the same time. Made in USA.
Just grab your ear loops and put it on, saves your from touching your mask too much. Like an eyeglass or sunglasses holder but with bulldog clips (Often referred to as alligator clips) to hold your mask.
No more stuffing your face mask in your purse or pocket and then fumbling with it to get it on.
Saves your elastics from being stretched out, because you aren’t tempted to just slide your mask under your chin when you aren’t wearing it.