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The benefits of scientific experiments:
1.Can cultivate practical skills. Every scientific experiment needs to be done by hands, not pure knowledge, nor formulas. Will think about how to do it by yourself, and even though it is done, there will be success and failure. Even as success is gratifying, failure will also find reasons.
2.It can cultivate children’s brain skills, and there will be a thinking process in the process. It is very normal to fail the first time. In the process of continuous success, there will be many thought processes, all of which are tried bit by bit.
3.It can cultivate children’s thinking ability. In the same experiment, the steps that children make are definitely different. In the process of doing it, they’re going to continue to think about different ways. This is a way of thinking by analogy.
4.Can be used as a supplement to the school curriculum to reinforce children’s comprehensive ability

This science kit toy is not including the experiment ingredients.
Not including any chemical stuff.
Suitable for 4-10 year old boys and girls

Package include:
1 white lab coat
1 name badge
1 tweezers
4 large test tubes
1 test tube holder
4 droppers
3 funnels
5 measuring spoons
1 small measuring cup
1 large cup
1 plastic beaker
1 magnifying glass
1 goggles
1 scientific experiment guide book
1 Gift box

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kids educational toy set: This scientific experiment set is very suitable for kids over 4 years old. It contains role-playing props. It can stimulate kids interest in scientific lasso and reinforce children’s cognition of scientific experiments. Very suitable for scientist role playing or school laboratory courses.
Many interesting scientific experiments: Our manual contains many interesting experimental cases. At the same time, we are equipped with a variety of experimental props. Parents can do quite a lot of interesting experiments with kids. Exercise kids hands-on ability and increase children’s interest in science exploration.
Essential props: Lab coat size length 31″,width:17″,The length of sleeve:17.7″. This size is generally suitable for kids aged 4-10. The coat is made of high-quality materials and can be washed in a washing machine. The lab coat is without doubt one of the essential props for role-playing scientists. Let’s start! Let children explore magical and interesting scientific experiments together.
27 Piece Science Kit:Includes 1 white lab coat, 1 name badge, 1 tweezers, 4 large test tubes, 1 test tube holder, 4 droppers, 3 funnels, 5 measuring spoons, 1 small measuring cup, 1 large cup , 1 plastic beaker, 1 magnifying glass, 1 goggles, 1 scientific experiment guide book, 1 Gift box. The above items do not contain chemical ingredients and are all plastic materials.
Experiments are all over the place: Actually, there are lots of subtle physical and chemical phenomena in life, and these phenomena are subject to change rules. By the usage of these scientific experiment kits, children can easily explore the rules and increase their knowledge of common sense in life.

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